Greendale Farm shop plus other news.

Hey folks. 

It's been a long time since my last blog and I'm very keen to make this a regular feature now gigs have become more sporadic and it would be nice to connect with you all out there and see how you're doing and to let you know what I'm up to! 

Firstly, in these tough times, it's been wonderful to have a regular Saturday evening slot at Greendale Farmshop restaurant. Was a slow start as they try to incorporate live entertainment to go along the amazing food they serve but it's building fantastically well with a full restaurant (socially distanced) last week so we're hoping for more of the same this week. It was a special treat for me to see some friends plus some of the brides and grooms I've sang for before, thank you!

I highly recommend trying it out as we all need a bit more live music in our lives so pop along and say hi! You can book by calling them on 01395 232836

Click - Greendale


It was great to play my first wedding in 6 months last Monday at Chagford church, I've really missed the whole vibe of weddings, everyone is happy and in a fine mood with a eye on celebration plus there is something pretty special about singing in a Church so thanks to Jade and Ed for having me sing for them. It's been a tough 6 months for all the brides/grooms/families with the goalpost having shifted numerous times and I have the utmost respect for the way they've dealt with the way the year has gone. Not easy! 

Next year, as you can imagine is looking to be incredibly busy for me and the band (New Heroes) with weddings/gigs and shifted to 2021 so we all have our fingers crossed for better news in the coming months

We're also in the middle of producing a few new videos, my day today is going to be spent recording guitar parts in the home studio so expect that to release in the next 2 weeks - no clues as of yet but feels pretty apt for the times! 

We spent Lockdown making a few videos with our NHS special making it onto BBC Radio Devon and was real fun to be interviewed by Sarah Gosling for her show. If you've not seen it yet you can check it out here - Every Day We Go Out Less and Less


Also I want to start live streaming on a regular basis if that's something folks are interested in? It went really well at the start of the lockdown period and thanks to you guys I was able to raise some funds for Hospiscare, where my wife Hazel recently started working as a nurse there. Thanks to all who contributed! 

That's it for now, I'm gonna get my head down for the day and record guitar tracks so see you all soon.